Save Money.. Buy in Bulk!

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It can get so expensive re-buying already packaged flour, spices, nuts, and other ingredients. To save some money, try buying in bulk! If you really think about it.. you’re just paying for the containers and packaging that your food comes in if you don’t!

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I buy my spices, nuts, dates, and flours in bulk. Grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and your local Co-op carry these items in bulk. Don’t let Whole Foods scare you though! I know it is has the reputation of being pricey but when it comes to bulk items, they rock! 4.99 for a pound of Coconut Flour? Who even buys that much at one time! So cheap!


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For flours, dates, and nuts, you can store them in containers or cute little mason jars like I do! As for spices, keep your old spice containers and re-fill them! Then you can get a little piece of paper and tape and make your own labels! This can actually help with organization because a homemade label is easier to read!


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Do you have any other tips for buying in bulk?



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  1. kari says:

    How do you buy them? I mean, you go there and tell them what you want? I’ve never seen coconut flour in those containers ):

    • kirstiep says:

      You just grab a plastic bag and scoop it yourself! They have little ties that you write the PLU number on so they can ring it up when you check out! That is a bummer about the coconut flour.. Have you tried asking if they have any?

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