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Cowspiracy – Fantastic Movie

cowspiracyMy wife and I just watched a great movie called Cowspiracy.  I thought I knew all there was to know about being vegan, but this film really opened my eyes.  This film is one that everyone should watch, not just vegans. It lays out the facts and research so nicely that even a meat eater should begin to question their food choices. Read more

Little Vegan Restaurant in Guatemala

vegan restaurantI came across this little vegan restaurant in Guatemala as I was going through my pictures from our recent trip.   I never would have thought we’d see a vegan restaurant in this out of the way/under developed part of the country.   Unfortunately, we just finished with dinner so we couldn’t eat there.   However, it didn’t stop us from buying a couple vegan chocolate chip cookies for a snack later. Read more

My Vegan Cooking Class While on Vacation in Guatemala

My husband and vegan cooking classI just returned from a vacation in Antigua Guatemala.   One of the things we did was a vegan cooking class.   This was one of the most fun things we did.  The class was the El Frijol Feliz Cooking School (   Read more

Dr. Tina Featured in Pasadena Now!

naturopathyA Glimpse Into Naturopathy

Sierra Madre’s Dr. Tina Paul reveals why she thinks it can change your life.



Changes to Simply Vegan!

I’m sure you have been wondering why I haven’t posted lately.  A lot of things have changed in my life.  First, I graduated from the University of Southern California.

USCAfter some soul searching on what I wanted to do, I decided to see the world.  I don’t just want to see it as a tourist, but rather experience each country I visit as the locals do.  I plan to live out of my suitcase for a while.  I will look for work in each country I visit in order to fund my travels.  Read more

Best of Expo West ~ Simply Vegan Style

Last weekend was insane! My feet are sore, my arms are sore, my tummy is sore.. wait, is that a bad thing? 😉 But it was all worth it because I got to attend the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California! I went two of the days and still wasn’t even able to see all of the convention!


photo 1

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Tea vs. Coffee




Earlier on my Instagram account, I asked everyone whether or not they were a tea or coffee kind of person. Surprisingly, the large majority of everyone said they were tea drinkers! I thought it would be more 50/50.. but that is still great! I wanted to help sort out the pros and cons of drinking tea and coffee. I also wrote out some tips on how to veganize your favorite morning tea/coffee beverages!

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Holiday Giveaway!




Just in time for the holidays! I have had such an amazing year creating Simply Vegan and sharing my recipes with you all. Everyone has been so supportive and I wanted to show some love back! I am doing this giveaway to show my thanks to all of you. Not to mention you get to try some of my favorite products just in time for Holiday cooking!

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What is Stevia? The magical all-natural sweetener!


photo 4


I wanted to introduce you all to my new best friend.. Stevia!

If you don’t know what Stevia is, it’s an all-natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant, which originated in South America. Stevia can be found in powdered and liquid forms. It is sugar and calorie free but simply because it is derived from an herb! Not because it is manufactured in a chemistry lab!

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Save Money.. Buy in Bulk!


photo 5


It can get so expensive re-buying already packaged flour, spices, nuts, and other ingredients. To save some money, try buying in bulk! If you really think about it.. you’re just paying for the containers and packaging that your food comes in if you don’t!

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