Cook and Prepare in Bulk!

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I know it can be hard to find time in the day to cook when you have a million other things going on. Yet, if you want to live a healthy vegan lifestyle, cooking is what you have to do. So the way I solve this problem is cooking in bulk!

Salad veganWhen I go to the grocery store, I tend to pick up two heads of broccoli and 4 zucchini. When I get home, instead of cooking just enough for dinner, I cook all of it. These kinds of foods can last almost a week and still be fresh. I just sauté mine with some garlic and season them. Then, whenever I am hungry throughout the week, I can pick at my container of cooked veggies! Or, you can just toss them back onto a pan and re-heat them.

If that seems like too much for you, then here is something even easier, making a salad in bulk! This is by far the best because it is so easy to just take some of your pre-made salad, put it n a bowl, and then add whatever dressing you’re in the mood for at the time. I usually use about 4 small romaine hearts and create a huge salad in this very large bowl I have. You can cut up and add whatever your favorite toppings are and bam! You have lunch or dinner for the next 5 days.

This will save you a lot of time worrying about what to make and actually have to make your meals!

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I'm an early retiree that now lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. I was an executive in Health Care Information Technology most of my career. My wife and I love to travel and have ventured all over the world. We believe in eating healthy and living life to it's fullest!

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