What is Stevia? The magical all-natural sweetener!

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I wanted to introduce you all to my new best friend.. Stevia!

If you don’t know what Stevia is, it’s an all-natural sweetener made from the Stevia plant, which originated in South America. Stevia can be found in powdered and liquid forms. It is sugar and calorie free but simply because it is derived from an herb! Not because it is manufactured in a chemistry lab!

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Ever since I found the miracle that is Stevia, here are a few things I use it for:



  • Stevia is great to use in place of sugar, agave, coconut palm sugar, etc. I’ve found it works best in recipes that involve fruit like banana bread or strawberry sorbet! In my opinion, it doesn’t pair too well with chocolate recipes. In that case, I would just replace some of the sugar with Stevia. Replacing any of the sugar in your recipe with Stevia is also a great option since you will be cutting down a lot on the sugar conent!



  • This is an awesome discovery I actually got from my Dad. The sour taste of the lemons cancels out the bitter taste Stevia can  sometimes have! Making lemonade with Stevia as the sweetener is a great way to make a sweet drink plus, lemons have been proven to curb your sweet tooth! Just play around with the amount of lemon juice, Stevia, and water until you get what you like! You can even add in a green tea bag and make a healthy “Arnold Palmer.”


Fruit and Smoothies

  • Ever cut into a melon that ended up being not so ripe and wasn’t very sweet? I hate when that happens but a quick and simple fix is sprinkling a dash of Stevia on top of it! Also, adding Stevia to smoothies, in my opinion, helps boost the natural flavors of the fruits in your smoothies!


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I use Stevia because I have the absolute WORST SWEET TOOTH! I would eat way too much sugar. Stevia helps me satisfy this craving although I will admit; it did take some getting use to! If you do not buy a high quality brand, the taste can be quite bitter. Now that I am used to the taste, I am in love! I even carry packets of Stevia in my purse in case I ever need a sweetener while on the go!


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I try to always buy organic groceries when I shop. I prefer the brand Sweet Leaf or NOW when I buy my Stevia. The quality and taste are so much better!

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