My wife and I just watched a great movie called Cowspiracy.  I thought I knew all there was to know about being vegan, but this film really opened my eyes.  This film is one that everyone should watch, not just vegans. It lays out the facts and research so nicely that even a meat eater should begin to question their food choices.


The premise of this movie is not about being vegan but rather the impact of the meat and dairy industry has on the planet and how these facts seem to be suppressed by the environmental groups.  It’s just a by-product that being vegan can solve much of this. What I found fascinating was how these so called environmental groups either had no knowledge of the impact of animal agriculture on our environment or just played dumb of which I think the latter.  Pay particular attention during the interviews of the heads of these environmental organizations.   Many seem to get very nervous when asked questions about the effects of animal agriculture on greenhouse gasses, water shortage, and deforestation.

Living in California for many years I know the water problems.  Residents were asked to do so much to conserve water, not to mention the abandoned farmland turning to dust bowls.  Then to find out that the meat and dairy industry consumes 1/3 of the earth’s water.  And that it takes 660 gallons of water to create one hamburger.   Seems simple to me that the powers to be should be recommending that we eat less meat and diary to conserve water rather than spending less time in the shower.  But no one wants to go there.  No government agency or environmental group intends to go against the rich and powerful meat and dairy industry.

The movie shows you how to reduce the destructive effects of man on the planet by simply becoming vegan.  You need 1/6th of an acre of land to feed a vegan for a year.   Meat eaters need 18 times this amount of land.

For only $4.95 you can go to, download the movie and watch it.  I highly recommend it.