Dr. Tina, Traditional Naturopath & Nutritionist

Dr. Tina

Hi, I am a 56 year old who is passionate about health. After all, without health what do we have? We all have one life to live and why not live that life to the fullest. We are all going to age and we are all going to die. I am concerned with how we live and how we age. Existing is not an option for me and it should not be for you. I want to thrive. I want to feel vibrant and full of energy every day. There is no reason why we should be limited in the things we do because of our age, if we care for our precious health. When we are plagued by illness or even annoyed my minor symptoms of dis-ease we are not thriving. I know that our bodies can heal themselves.  Sometimes they just need a little help from nature.

Dr Tina Speaking

I chose naturopathy because the core values below resonate with me. It is health care that is proactive instead of reactive.

  • Do no harm
  • Promote the self-healing nature of all humans.
  • Identify and remove the causes of an illness instead of suppressing them.
  • Educate and inspire people to be responsible for their own health.
  • Treat each person according to his or her individual needs.
  • Promote good health to help prevent disease in the individual, their community and the world.

My Story

Dr Tina Skydiving I like many people went to a medical doctor’s office one day with a couple of complaints. One of which were cold symptoms the other was this hard to describe feeling in my chest, in my esophagus to be exact.  It felt sort like something was stuck in there. To make a long story short, I left that office with medication for acid reflux even though I said I never have indigestion or heartburn. I did not think I could have reflux but I took the medication anyway looking to get better. I did not get better so I went back to that doctor. They told me to double the dose of the medication. With each passing day and then each passing week I felt worse. I literally could not wait for sleep at night because I did not feel anything once I was asleep. I decided to see a specialist. He decided to do a procedure called an endoscopy where they would send a camera down my esophagus to see what was going on. I ended up having 2 of these. The second one revealed a minor cut or sore on my esophagus. He had me continue the acid reflux medication even though he said I did not have any signs of reflux or erosion. I did not feel any better. After more than 2 ½ years of feeling bad I began my own research. I came to the conclusion that even though at the time I was a vegetarian, I was eating the wrong things and not eating the right things that caused my body’s pH to be out of balance. I made permanent changes to my diet. I stopped the medication and substituted herbal supplements and food to aid my body so that it could heal. It took some time but I was healed. I was upset with myself for not trusting any instincts from the beginning and doing my own research right away.

Dr Tina Skiing

My story does not just start and stop there. I also watched my family fade before my eyes due to their diet and lifestyle choices. I lost my mom when she was 69, two years later my dad died of a stroke  My first sister died when she was 55 and my oldest sister died when she was 65. My family was plagued with obesity, heart disease and diabetes. All of these things I now know are preventable with proper diet and lifestyle. They may have died in their 50’s and 60’s but their ill health began before that so their quality of life began to decline way before they died. With the knowledge I now had, I decided to make maintaining my health a priority. My passion for natural health grew into a passion for helping others to regain and maintain their health.

Tina Paul

  • Doctor of Naturopathy, Clayton College of Natural Health
  • Health Sciences, Mercy College of Detroit
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, American Naturopathic Medical Board
  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition, Cornell University
  • Advanced Clinical Training Graduate, UNS
  • Nutritionist


(UPDATE on KIRSTIE: She has graduated college and began her journey. You can follow her here)

My name is Kirstie, and I grew up in Central Florida. When I was younger, I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I tried doing different sports in high school but nothing ever clicked. As a result, I never got much physical activity.

Kirstie Taylor

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom transitioned into a vegan lifestyle and started her journey to becoming the successful traditional naturopathic doctor she is today. My mom would always tell me that cutting out dairy and meat would help with my acne, my constant fatigue, and the fact that I always got sick but I never listened.

During my senior year, my dad got a new job in California and my mom moved over there as soon as I graduated. I spent a year in Florida going to college at a state university. Needless to say, living in a dorm and eating the food at the cafeteria was not very good for my health. I started having problems with blacking out whenever I would stand up. I would even fall to the ground and hurt myself sometimes. On top of this, my acne was getting worse and I was constantly getting sick.

After a year in college, I decided to apply to the university my dad works at in California. Once I found out I got in, I made the journey of moving my life over to California.

Being surrounded by people living such healthy lifestyles was a shock for me. I never realized how unhealthy I was until I moved to California. One day I went to dinner with my parents to a raw vegan restaurant in Silverlake. After tasting such amazing foods and talking to my parents, I decided I wanted to finally make the transition into living a completely plant-based, humane lifestyle.

I started doing research and looking for recipes that I could make at home. That is when I realized that the vegan community lacked recipes that were for the average person. Either every recipe involved tofu (which I choose not to eat), used expensive ingredients, or involved intricate cooking experience. I was so confused. I just wanted simple recipes that involved lots of fruits, veggies, and other healthy ingredients! I already know that transitioning into veganism can be hard enough for people… That’s where Simply Vegan came in.

Kirstie Taylor

Kirstie TaylorAfter having lived a vegan lifestyle for a year, I can gladly say that my acne has cleared up, I have a lot more energy, and my problem with blacking out has almost completely stopped. I definitely have my two knowledgeable parents and supportive boyfriend to thank for my success! For those people that don’t have the same knowledge or support, I want to be the one to help you! I am here to help people realize how much happier you can be from living a plant based lifestyle.

I had seen other vegan Instagram accounts and I loved how the application could be utilized like a little cookbook. Plus it is a great way to connect with the vegan community! My goal is to provide simple plant-based recipes that aren’t expensive. Being in college means I have a VERY limited budget. I want to show people that eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive. I also want to help people make the transition into living a healthier lifestyle and feel better.